Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adding flash capability to Duo

Due to the number of requests, today I looked into adding flash capabilities to Duo - and it turns out it's a pretty simple affair. If you watched the video on separating the 105mm lens pairs, you'll see that the PC socket gets detached. Here, I reattach the PC socket and ground it to the lens to complete the flash circuit. Click through for the full write-up!

Friday, March 8, 2013

What's New? (Updated March 15)

Successful Calibration
Duo Mk. 3, Graflex RH12
Efke 100PL in HC110 monobath (6 minutes)

I realize that it's been a little while since the last update on things: Here's where we are so far:

$9 and up pledges: Getting shipped at the end of next week, hopefully - I had been waiting on a couple more boxes of FP100C to get started.

Progress on Kits:

  • Laser cut parts: Ordered, and being made as we speak.
  • Ground glass: Tested three different grinds of ground glass, and settled on the one with the least falloff and hotspot. The viewfinder looks even better than before! These are also in the process of being manufactured.
  • Front surface mirrors: Ordered, although there is a 1 week lag time for the specific thickness of glass needed.
  • Gears, shafts, magnets, screws, nuts n' bolts: Ordered, and coming soon.
  • Infrared testing: Thanks to another generous donation, I'll be running a roll of IR film through Duo to check for IR-tightness. The bellows and wood are certainly very effective against visible light - let's see how it copes against the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Deluxe engravings: We're bearing down on the March 15th deadline for design submissions - I've laid out all of the ones that were submitted so far. Then it'll be off to the laser cutters.
  • Product documentation: A fully detailed set of instructions will be made when all of the parts arrive. I've also drawn up the templates for the viewfinder hood, inner bellows, and outer bellows. You'll find those below.

Templates (Inches)
Viewfinder Hood
Inner Bellows
Outer Bellows

Templates (Millimeters)
Viewfinder Hood
Inner Bellows
Outer Bellows

I'm also glad there were so many responses to the fabric color survey! Look like we're going with black, pewter, port royale, and navy blue. Good taste, people :)