Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Colors, colors, colors!

Most of the time, you can buy your camera in any color you want - so long as it's black.

Building your own camera provides many options for customization and modification, one of them being choosing the color of your bellows. I will be ordering four different fabric colors for the kits. You will be able to choose your bellows color when you answer the Kickstarter survey for shipping information (this survey will be sent out when the kits are almost ready to ship.

That said, please vote for the four colors you would like to see included in the kits in the survey below. 


  1. Black
  2. Pewter
  3. Deep Forest
  4. Port Royale
  5. Ribbon Red
  6. Dry Rose
  7. Navy Blue
  8. Hawaiian Ocean
  9. Bonnie Blue

What colors do you want to see on Duo? (Pick four)


  1. One thing that's kind of perhaps important for me is whether or not these bellows are IR-tight. Not absolutely necessary, but would be nice to have a choice of shooting IR.

  2. That's a really interesting point, and not something I've considered. The fabrics are very thin and are really to protect the paper from moisture and abrasion - and if I recall correctly, color doesn't strongly affect IR absorbtion. The bellows paper probably does a better job at this, and there are two layers of it (remember, two bellows) between the film and the radiation source.

    I think Duo should be reasonably IR-tight, but that's not something I've tested yet. A roll of IR film might be in order. I believe that there are some infrared-absorbing/reflecting films available; maybe a layer of this can be incorporated in the bellows.

  3. Kevin, I'll send you a roll of Expired konica IR, if you haven't got one yet. It has some quirks but should be more than sufficient for testing purposes. Let me know if you wannit.