Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Sticky: Recent Updates and Important Information

Friday, February 22, 2013

Regarding Custom Engravings ($299+ and $649+ backers only)

Note: As of March 16 2013, Submissions for engravings are closed.

All Deluxe kit backers and Ready-to-Use Duo backers are entitled to custom engravings on their cameras. Engravings are limited to two locations: the viewfinder hood (the first photo below) and the bottom (second photo below):

Engraving area for the viewfinder hood. Note that this particular engravings was made very light - the actual engravings will be darker and fairly deep, roughly 1mm.

Engraving area for the bottom of the camera. You may choose one of the bottom areas to engrave.

If possible, please send the image in a vector image format, with the area to be engraved highlighted or otherwise noted. Failing that, a regular image is acceptable - I can make the vector layout from that file.

Vector formats accepted: DXF, DWG, Illustrator (.ai), Corel Draw (.cdr) or Illustrator-compatible PDF.
Raster formats accepted: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc, etc, etc. . .

Please send your designs to with "Custom Engravings" in the subject line. Any questions or inquires can be directed to that email, or the comments section. Please send in your design by March 15th. If you don't send in a design, the standard engravings on the Basic Kit will be used for your camera (which is also fine). Thanks!

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